Calling all Startups!

Changing the Startup/Corporate Connection for the better…

If you’re a startup, a scaleup or even an established business, chances are you’ve experienced a time when the heady scent of corporate investment/interest on the wind made you dare to dream of that huge exit… only to realise those endless coffee meetings and email chains all led nowhere. It can be hard to reach the right person in a large company and even when you do, the timing could be off, or you’re not ready for what they want.

All that is about to change, according to the guys behind CoVentured, the latest offering from the team responsible for Slingshot’s super successful accelerator programs. In their own words CoVentured is:

‘An online platform connecting Startups with corporates to unlock opportunities for pilots, partnerships, co-creation and investment. Search. Track. Engage.’

So if you’re a startup and you’re keen to connect with some of Australia’s leading businesses all you need to do is register on the platform here: 

It’s free for startups to register and they’ve already garnered memberships from some of the country’s largest corporates including WoolWorths, Lendlease, Optus, Australia Post and Westpac. Using strong search and filter functionality, CoVentured will help Startups and corporates identify, track, and engage with each other, unlocking opportunities from pilots and proof of concepts to investments, co-creation and vendor relationships.

Sounds awesome right? So what are you waiting for … here’s that web address again: