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Take Your Business to the next level

We’ve partnered with SMEA to help you grow!  We’ve teamed up with the guys from in 2017 to bring you a series of events to help you build your business and take your team to the next level. From networking events, to problem solving and pitches SMEA will provide expert speakers and events tailored.. Read More

Container Camp comes to Aus!

Ever heard of Container technology? Nope? We hadn’t either until the guys from Container Camp in the States contacted us to tell us their two day conference was crossing the pond and bringing container smarts to Sydney!  Container technology is an OS Level virtualisation method which means you can launch and run distributed applications without.. Read More

WOTSO partners with Recomazing

Build your business with trusted recommendations from WOTSO Here at WOTSO, we are dedicated to continually providing value to our members to help their businesses grow. As part of our ongoing service, we have partnered with Recomazing, to help you easily discover software and services to help you grow faster. The guys at Recomazing have.. Read More

Winter is coming…

That’s right, flu season is upon us and for some has already hit (cough, cough, sniffle…). And whilst we all love a doona day every now and then, let’s face it – sick is not sexy. Plus when you run your own business a week of sub par performance due to aches pains and fever.. Read More

If you can stand the heat…

…then GET IN the kitchen (or behind the bar) Our parent company, BlackWall Ltd have an exciting restaurant or bar opportunity coming up at our North Strathfield site, a growing retail and entertainment precinct in Sydney’s Inner West. Not only is the site home to our coolest WOTSO WorkSpace (shameless plug alert) but a host.. Read More

Go big or go home….

Picture the scene… you’re a new business; disrupting your industry, changing the world, breaking hearts and making deals… The coolest bit, you have an amazing collaborative workspace to work from or a modern, cool office with the best meeting rooms in which to pitch your big idea. (*modest cough) Fast forward 12 months… and you’ve.. Read More

Referral is the way forward (all the way to the bank)

We know that you guys are our biggest advocates, so this year; we want to reward you for bringing in new members to the fold and making our workspaces bigger and better! We’re being all inclusive and benevolent in 2017 (No borders or exclusions to see here), which means every time you refer someone and.. Read More

Feeling out of the loop? Come on in!

2017 is all about collaboration and partnering for us – after all, two heads are better than one – which is why we’ve teamed up with the guys at to offer you coworking all around the world. As a WOTSO member, you’ll automatically get a loop subscription (worth $30USD a month) giving you 1.. Read More

Taking coworking to the third dimension!

We’ve gone techy and futuristic at our WOTSO Dickson space and bought a 3D printer! This useful (and pricey) bit of kit is available for our members and non members to hire for projects – because we know for one or two jobs it’s a bit exxy to get one yourself. So whether it’s creating a.. Read More

We love a success story

… and this one’s a win on an international scale! One of our tenants at our Dickson location, Quizling, has played an absolute blinder and made it as the only Australian finalist in the prestigious SXSWedu launch competition. This means that along with 9 other startup teams (all American), they get to pitch at the event.. Read More

Be part of something…

…by joining WOTSO! As our network expands and the spaces get busier, we’re looking for new recruits to help run coworking, communities and head office so we can keep up with demand and carry on growing! In both our WOTSO operations and our parent company, BlackWall, we’re looking to expand our ranks and have the following.. Read More

We’re going south!

Yep that’s right… we’ve secured our 12th WOTSO space and this time we’re heading to Tassie! Ah the land of stunning rugged wilderness, amazing food and wine and now… coworking!We’ll be setting up camp at the RGIT building on Macquarie Street, just a stone’s throw away from Franklin Wharf and Salamanca Market with one of.. Read More
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The 4D approach… No it’s not what you think

Posted: 15th June 2016 It’s the bane of office – the email inbox. Some days I envy the people on a worksite or performing surgery in the ER… you know, those people who don’t have emails or an overflowing inbox. But in reality, even those people nowadays have newsletters, industry updates, job enquiries and spam mail… Read More read more

Time boxing – it’s a knockout!

Posted: 11th August 2016You may have heard about time boxing – it’s nothing new. But have you ever tried it? Research shows that if you are in the middle of a task and someone interrupts you with a request, even one that requires just a simple verbal answer, you can still lose up to half.. Read More read more


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WOTSO WorkSpace debuts in Singapore

WOTSO WorkSpace debuts in Singapore (Stuart Brown interview)

WOTSO WorkSpace feature on Ten Eyewitness News

WOTSO WorkSpace feature on Ten Eyewitness News

Stuart Brown interviewed by Peter Switzer for Sky Business News

Stuart Brown interviewed by Peter Switzer for Sky Business News

Stop motion mural artwork creation, Adelaide

Channel Nine interview from WOTSO, Gold Coast

Channel Nine 'IT Brain Drain' Interview at WOTSO Gold Coast

Segment from a Channel 9 tech tv show featuring our Pyrmont coworking space

Segment from a Channel 9 tech tv show featuring our Pyrmont coworking space