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  • Time boxing – it’s a knockout!

    You may have heard about time boxing – it’s nothing new. But have you ever tried it? Research shows that if you are in the middle of a task and someone interrupts you with a request, even one that requires just a simple verbal answer, you can still lose up to half an hour of concentration… half an hour!

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  • StartCon on a startup budget with WOTSO!

    …and this year it’s set to be bigger and better than ever – making it a must for any startup or scale-up. With startup alley making a return appearance, pitching competitions and more than 3000 startups in attendance plus 60 expert speakers, there’s a reason this event has sold out for the last 6 years!

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  • Coworking comes to Hobart!

    The coworking space at 162 Macquarie street is already home to a number of members who couldn’t wait until we finished!

    But if you’ve been holding out until the space was done or you’re interested in coworking and serviced office space, this is your chance to check it out!

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  • EOFY was here – come and celebrate with a beer!

    Another June 30 has been and gone (and company accountants and CFOs can breathe again) and we’re looking forward to another awesome financial year. And to kick things off with a bang, we’re organising a series of events at our workspaces so you can toast to a job well done and maybe even learn a thing or two along the way.

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  • Making it work in real life…

    We let you know a few months ago that we were purchasing a 3D printer for the coworking space in Dickson, Canberra. Now it’s up and working like a charm making tiny models of us, yoda and whatever else we get a whim to print in the third dimension.

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  • Academy Xi & Investible Event Series

    We’ve teamed up into a trifecta of Business Networking awesomeness with the teams from Investible and Academy Xi to bring you a series of events this winter. The first of these events, ‘Immersive Storytelling: The Evolution of storytelling in the 21st Century’ delves into the way we tell stories – brand stories, marketing stories, personal stories and how this is changing as technology evolves.

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  • The grass ain’t always greener…

    Benjamin Law wrote a very interesting article for the Sydney Morning herald the other day, extolling the virtues (and the downsides) of that most admired position in life, a work from home freelancer.

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  • Calling all Startups!

    If you’re a startup, a scaleup or even an established business, chances are you’ve experienced a time when the heady scent of corporate investment/interest on the wind made you dare to dream of that huge exit… only to realise those endless coffee meetings and email chains all led nowhere.

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  • Hot off the press

    Ok we know no one likes a brag but we believe in sharing the wins and the fails, and wanted to share with you our recent trip to Singapore. It’s no secret that we’re always on the lookout for new spaces and want to expand in new areas.

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