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  • WOTSO Bondi Member Profile: Tiffany Farrington, Director of Social Diary

    Tiffany Farrington is the Director of Social Diary – a platform that could, in essence, be described as something of a bible for PR businesses around the country. Tiffany is also a member at WOTSO Bondi Junction. Joining WOTSO in 2018, the Bondi space has proved the perfect home office for Tiffany’s agile team… not to mention Social Diary’s resident furry friend, Fang!

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  • Sydney CBD

    As the first stop upon leaving the CBD and crossing Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge, WOTSO in Neutral Bay is the perfect location for the individual or business who wants convenience but also that relaxed feeling of being slightly removed from the immediate hustle and bustle.

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  • WOTSO lands on the Sunshine Coast

    WOTSO is excited to announce the opening of the biggest coworking space on QLD’s Sunshine Coast. Located in Chancellor Park, right next to retail store Joyce Mayne, this new WOTSO space is Queensland’s very first container concept coworking environment.

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  • Work Where You Want, When You Want.

    At WOTSO we stick firmly by the motto work where you want, when you want. And this isn’t just because we are big believers in getting that surf in at 4PM on an average Tuesday (although that plays a part). In 2019, there is a misguided belief that you need to be located in the […]

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  • Use our coworking passport to work flexible!

    Here at WOTSO, we’re all about flexible work. Whether that’s flexidesking on the fly with just your laptop, or taking on an office – the choice is yours. With our coworking passport, you can truly work whenever, and wherever, you want in the WOTSO network

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  • Coworking events at WOTSO this Christmas!

    Check out our coworking events and opening hours this Christmas!  Is it just us or did 2017 skip a few months?! We can’t believe it’s less than 50 days to Christmas! Although we’re not complaining, as Christmas means summer and summer means beach days. Plus we’re definitely the kind of company that starts playing Mariah Carey in […]

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  • WOTSO Team supporting the Kids Cancer Project

    As a team we like to give back where we can. And particularly at this time of year, we think it’s important to consider those less fortunate than ourselves. So this year, we’re getting involved with the Shave to Save event in support of the Kids Cancer Project.

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  • Sydney coworking space upgrade

    There was a time when all we could talk about was the Bakehouse Quarter, Sydney coworking space. About how cool it was, with its bleacher event seating, fairy light tree and the slippery dip slide. Well no more…

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  • Time boxing – it’s a knockout!

    You may have heard about time boxing – it’s nothing new. But have you ever tried it? Research shows that if you are in the middle of a task and someone interrupts you with a request, even one that requires just a simple verbal answer, you can still lose up to half an hour of concentration… half an hour!

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