COVID-19 – WOTSO’s Policy for Members

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, and the regulations imposed by the government WOTSO has adjusted the management of its sites to accommodate to the current situation. As you know WOTSO hosts many businesses and some may provide essential services so we will keep our facilities open while we are permitted to do so.

Memberships can be suspended rather than cancelled with no notice period and members will not be charged until they choose to use the space again. For any unused memberships that have been pre paid for, members will receive a credit that will be applied to their next invoice when they choose to return to the space. If the situation changes 7 days notice will be given with regards to any changes in this policy.

Meeting rooms can still be booked however given the introduction of the 4 sqm per person regulation for indoor gatherings our meeting rooms will now have reduced capacity. A maximum of 10 people are now allowed under the governments regulations. Please inform space leaders if you would like to book a meeting room and they will advise which rooms are suitable. All meeting rooms will be reduced to the cheapest hourly rate at each site.

As you can appreciate the situation is changing rapidly so we will continue to provide updates on any changes to the above policies as necessary.

We thank you for your understanding in these unprecedented times.

Take care and stay safe!

The team at WOTSO.

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