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  • What is coworking?

    It seems an obvious one, but for those who haven’t come across it before, coworking is open plan spaces where individuals, companies and smaller teams hire desks, usually on a monthly or daily basis.

    You get included services like utilities and Internet and the spaces have modern design with communal areas like kitchens and soft seating areas. Basically all the benefits of an office without all the overheads. Find out more about coworking here.

  • What is the difference between a flexidesk and permanent desk?

    In WOTSO spaces, a flexidesk member has use of all the same facilities and services as a permanent desk member, with the exception that you do not have an assigned desk and must take possessions with you when you leave the workspace for the day. If you’re not fussed about having the same spot every time, a flexidesk membership is perfect for you.

    Got multiple screens and other bits and pieces? We’d suggest a permanent desk membership so you can rock up, set up and leave your stuff in place when it’s home time.

  • Why is coworking better than working from home?

    Well first of all you can do both! A workspace isn’t like a traditional office where you have to clock in and out – it can be there just for when you need a break from home.

    But coworking definitely has benefits over working from home because aside from not getting lonely, there are fewer distractions like the kids or the laundry to prevent you from getting your hustle on.

    Plus you get a professional business frontage for your business without the overheads of your own premises and you also get to network and skill-share with all the other members in the space.

    Add with fun, free educational events and Friday beers with the members it’s a winning formula!

  • Is coworking or a serviced office right for me?

    It really depends on you. If you have a business that requires privacy, such as a psychologist, then coworking’s probably not for you. If you’re not as fussed about the social aspect and need a quiet place to meet clients – then a serviced office might be ideal. But if you’re a B2B service provider, we suggest coworking, to start with at least – why pass up the opportunity to sit in a space with 50+ potential clients?

    Whichever way you go, the beauty of WOTSO is that you don’t have to decide forever. Our memberships and offices are on month-to-month terms usually, so if you decide you want to switch, you can!

  • I’m not quite ready for coworking or an office yet, what do you offer?

    No worries, you can join whenever suits you and if you just want to drop in for the occasional day, we offer coworking day passes too!

    But if you’re just after a business address and mail services, we also offer a range of virtual office options. So you can fake it ‘til you make it, and even use our other location addresses so you have presence in multiple states!

  • What’s included in coworking packages and what’s not?

    Both serviced office and coworking memberships give you 24/7 access, secure workspace, high speed Wi-Fi, cleaning, access to communal areas like kitchens and breakout areas, complimentary refreshments and access to community events.

    We charge per use for out meeting rooms and event spaces and for printing. We’ve found that works for most members. You’d also pay for additional reception services such as phone answering and typing.

    Included facilities vary slightly from space to space. Check the locations page for what’s included in a particular space.

  • I’m sold! Where do I sign?

    If you’d like one of our coworking spaces or to rent a serviced office with us, you can do one of three things:

    1. Drop us an email – we’ll tell you what info we need and we can sort it from there.
    2. Give us a bell – you can sign up and pay for your first month over the phone, then you simply pick up your access pass when you drop into the space.
    3. Come and see us! We can sign you up at the space and arrange payment.

    You’ll need to pay your first month up front on eftpos and going forwards we’ll simply charge the card we have on file for rent and services each month.

  • I’m not a member; can I still use meeting rooms and event space?

    Yes of course! Our meeting rooms and event spaces are open to members and non-members. Simply use our enquire buttons on our meeting room page. We also hire out meeting rooms and event spaces on evenings and weekends too, ask us for more details if you’re looking for an after hours booking.

  • What happens if I want to work at another WOTSO space for the day?

    If you’re a coworking member or serviced office tenant, you can work at our other coworking spaces for free under our WOTSO passport system!

    If you’re a virtual or casual user of the spaces, you would simply need to ask for the drop in rate for the space and book a space for the day.

  • I don’t want to be part of WOTSO anymore – what do I do?

    We’re sad to see you go but if you don’t want to be with us anymore you just give your 30-day notice and we’ll handle the rest (like a gym). You be charged for the services you use (like meeting rooms etc) in the space up until you vacate.

    If you’re not the bill payer and your company is moving out but you want to stay, just come and chat to us about coworking memberships and office options.

  • I know someone that’s interested in coworking or serviced offices – what do I get if I refer them?

    We thought you’d never ask! We believe this business runs on good recommendations, so we reward you and your mate if you refer them and they sign up.

    Basically if you refer someone and they sign up within a week of their trial/tour, they get $50 off their first month and you get $50 off your next rent invoice. Easy as! Need more deets? Check out the terms here.

  • I’ve outgrown the coworking space/my office! What are my options?

    Don’t sweat it, we’ve got larger spaces in many of our properties that are available on standard commercial leases or WOTSO style arrangements if you love the space and don’t really want to leave.

    If you’re killing it and need more room, simply speak to your workspace manager, or call 1800 4 96876.