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MakerSpace on the production line

June 28, 2016

Woodworking and carpentry tools in workshop.We’ve recently completed works on the new coworking space at the Bakehouse Quarter and now we’re hitting the works at pace to get the MakerSpace at the same site up and running. And with that launch imminent – we’re looking for someone with the specialist skills and knowledge it takes to run this kind of community. So if you’re the man (or woman) for the job, or know someone that is – drop us a line.

The space is pretty much a blank canvas at the moment (although we’re stockpiling a whole heap of materials), so it’s a golden opportunity for you, our members, to have a say in the setup. If you teach practical skills and want an area for this, let us know. If you’re a prototyper and need access to a 3D Printer but can only get out there on weekends, let us know. If you’re obsessed with laser cutting but know that it’s all about the size of the cutting bed (and what you do with it 😉 ), then let us know… 

Ok we’ll stop now, but seriously this is a space for the people, so if you want it, we’ll make it!

AND…..We’re also looking to bring MakerSpace to the Sunshine Coast too. So the same thing applies, if you’re based up that way and want space for a project (long or short term) but need specific tools to do it, then give us a shout. We know a lot of you already have and be assured we’re already compiling a list of what that space will need.

Any queries (no question too big or small) can be directed to