Meet our Members – Elizabeth Johnston (VATÉA)

In a snapshot, can you tell us about VATEA?

VATÉA blends natural ingredients and remedies with scientific formulations to create toxic free, certified organic skin, hair and baby skin care for the whole family.

Our mission is to combine kindness, science and nature to rebalance the skin in order to prevent and manage the prevailing crisis of dry skin conditions.

How has your business adapted since the CV-19 outbreak?

Our export business did slow down at the beginning of this year so with the onset of COVID, we scaled back on purchasing new products and expanding our range rather focussed on the range we had.

Fortunately we set up our online business last year so were well placed to expand this side of the business, we were also extremely appreciative for the support we received from our local retailers including Brunskills and Cranes Pharmacies in Mosman, and Neutral Bay Pharmacy, plus Taste Organic in Crow’s Nest.

These local businesses have supported us from the beginning and have been instrumental in enabling our growth and sustainability this year and for the years ahead.

Has your attitude towards traditional office space changed due to the events of this year?

If there’s a key word of 2020 for businesses, it’s got to be flexibility… and this is what moving away from traditional office space enables.

Regardless of the size of our business, we need to be flexible and as a small business we require this from our office space.

We were fortunate this year to not be committed to rental agreements, instead, working at WOTSO Neutral Bay and utilising their facilities. For example, during the quarantine we worked from home to support our children’s schooling, WOTSO put a hold on our rent for this time, which further supported our business growth.

Is having a space close to home important for you?


At the beginning and like many businesses, I permanently worked from home, while it was a good way to save money, I felt I missed out on valuable interaction with work colleagues and general social interaction.

WOTSO provides a space close to home and close to my children’s' school which takes a huge amount of stress out of managing the week. My children finish their days at different times, sometimes I’m called by the school if their sick, or even if they need something last minute, it’s no stress of me to sort it out quickly and effectively and return back to work.

Working close to home also means if I do have to work on the weekends or late at night,  I can quickly pop into the office to do the work and return home to my family, thus enabling that separation of work and family, reducing stress for all.