Meet Our Members – Kara De Schot . Pixel Co Creative & Marketing

Meet Our Members – Kara De Schot . Pixel Co Creative & Marketing

In a snapshot, can you tell us about Pixel Co?

We are a full stack digital marketing studio. We design, write and build beautiful websites, and build lead generating Facebook ad campaigns with digital sales funnels.

So far, what have you found have been the key drivers to success of Pixel Co?

Bing a multi-disciplinary creative is by far the key to my success, in my own career and with my studio Pixel Co Creative & Marketing ( I have seen the frustration business owners have of managing multiple specialists to roll out a campaign, even having multiple creatives in a larger agency can pose mixed messaging issues. My background in graphic design, web design, copywriting and social media marketing means I am able to work across the full range of digital and media platforms. My clients appreciate having one point of contact with a strong marketing strategy across each platform, often saving a lot of communication time.

How has your business had to adapt its approach and strategy since the outbreak of COVID19?

We have always worked with clients remotely, so that didn’t pose any operational issues. However, as the economy started to writhe about and retract, we had to meet the market where they were at by changing our product offerings and being really flexible with how we packaged our services, how we offered payment, how we worked with clients through projects (we found people needed much more reassurance and one-on-one time than before). Our most popular digital marketing growth strategy services have been overtaken by more primal ‘Help me get my business/course/shop online STAT!’ requests.

For our long-term clients, we offered extra marketing strategy sessions and support at no charge to help them brainstorm and see new opportunities when sometimes the pandemic-storm made it hard for them to see clearly. This offering of service was to help as many of our clients through as possible in a pay-it-forward approach that we are certain will see our business reap rewards when the time is right.

What would your advice be to businesses, so that they can come out of this period stronger the ever?

I have definitely seen two groups emerge during the last two months since we’ve been in this pandemic. Group A is (of those that were forced to close their doors) going into hibernation and waiting it out. They plan on waking up their business once it’s back to ‘normal’.

Group B are working quickly, with laser-like focus to adapt their business (sometimes in very creative ways) to meet the market where they are at right now. I’ve seen this happen in a number of ways. They’ve rolled out new products to meet demand (in completely different areas to what they currently produce). They’ve developed and launched entire new businesses (logo, website, supply chains), they’ve taken large regional expo events online, service and trade industries have increased advertising to take advantage of the cheaper lead acquisition costs right – sometime even just to grow an audience that they can nurture to convert once the doors open again later.

What were the circumstances that led you to joining WOTSO and so far, what you love most about having your business located in a co-working environment?

My Digital Coordinator, Jess, and I had to leave the usual quiet isolation of my home office to find another quiet location to work from! Thanks to Wotso Sippy Downs, we have found a home away from home. I was intending on a short stay until my family all went back to school/work – but we love the space here and we have loved meeting other business owners in such a wide variety of industries, we have decided to stay on.