Meet Michael Black, Sydney based artist.


Tell us where your art career began?

I’ve always had an interest in drawing from a young age and a wild imagination, so I guess my art career started as soon as I could draw. It got more serious reaching the later years of high school when I had had some encouraging individuals who championed me to push myself and further this general interest I had in creativity and painting especially. Completing a BA in fine arts helped me develop my practice and give me a broad exploration of skills from graphic design and media to working with more hands-on elements such as painting, drawing, and even Sculpture. It was also great to rub shoulders with other creatives during that time who are on a similar path.


Would you consider yourself foremost a street artist? Who are the street artists you look up to?

I’ll probably just say I’m an artist in general when talking about myself. I’m not into self-branding too much. I look up to a lot of Sydney-based artists who have helped me along with my career and encouraged me as a younger guy such as Nico Green and Alex Lehours.


Have you always lived in Sydney? What do you think of the street art that Sydney has to offer?

Yep, born and bred in Sydney. There is a lot of room for growth and opportunity for artists throughout the Sydney landscape. I would love to see more councils and local businesses embrace the value in engaging with public art and I feel it would be mutually beneficial for the community.


What do you take into consideration before beginning large pieces of public artworks?

I try and look at the architecture of the existing space and what aesthetic already exists within the shape of the building. There is also a lot of logistical assessing that you need to consider such as scissor lift access, powerlines, windows, wall surface, and even sun exposure that all need to be factored into budgets and timelines.


How do you feel when you see your completed murals and know you have contributed to the aesthetic of an area/ environment? 

It feels so amazing to have other individuals partner and appreciate your work in the same way you do. It’s best when you work with a client who permits you to individualise their space and make it a significant location.


What exciting things are coming up for you in 2022?

Well, we just had our first baby! So that’s been by far the most exciting thing already. But in regards to work, I’ve got a bunch of public art projects that I’m excited to partake in. I’m also having a solo show in late March this year at the rocks in Sydney! But I’m looking forward to additionally exploring and developing my work into new spaces of public art such as sculpture and interactive public art.