Meet Jacqueline Rosen Weisz, General Manager of Purely Byron


In a snapshot, tell us about how Purely Byron came to be?

We are inspired by Byron Bay. There is such a rich culture of wellness, and we are inspired by how you feel when you are there.

What if we could capture the spirit of Byron and combine it with skincare jam-packed full of the powerful benefits of the native Byron Shire botanicals?  There is something elusive about that town, and some of Australia’s most powerful botanicals are native to the area.


Are all materials you use from Byron Bay? Do you spend a lot of time there, have you ever seen anyone famous, like the Hemsworth’s?

We are formulated and manufactured in Byron Bay. If we could travel, we would be there once a month.No, we have not run into the Hemsworth’s in Byron yet but did run into them at our local Sushi Train in Surry Hills.


As a small business owner, what are some serious considerations you are faced with in times of uncertainty?

We are in start-up mode, so we are focused on trying to meet our milestones. We have mitigation plan upon mitigation plan in place. We need to be more realistic about our timelines and accept that COVID may disrupt our supply chain. That’s probably the most challenging area for us right now.

Being such a small new team, not being able to work in the same office is a total bummer.

We are workshopping so many ideas and being together would make that more fluid.


What do you think the importance of a skincare routine is?

So important. We would never not brush our teeth, so why would we not look after our skin.  You don’t have to have a crazy routine to see results on your skin. Cleanser, exfoliant, moisturiser and then, of course, sunscreen would be my staples.


How important do you think routine is in general, especially now?

I think we have to be doing whatever we can to keep our routines as normal as possible, not to mention do things that make us feel good about ourselves. Having healthy skin that glows makes me personally feel way better about myself, so I think it’s especially important now. We also have to make sure we are properly cleansing our face because we are wearing masks so often, which contribute to breakouts.


What led you to work out of a coworking space?

As a small business start-up, we wanted to be in a space that we could grow with and flex up and down as needed.  We wanted to be inspired by the activity and energy around us, and I felt that the second I came out of the elevator on day 1. We are so in love with our office at WOTSO Zetland. Kate and I want to get back asap.


If there’s one thing you want consumers to know about your products, what would it be?

That you do not have to sacrifice efficacy when choosing natural, natural products can be as effective as non-natural skincare.


If you had to recommend just one of your products to WOTSO members whichwhat would it be?

Ooh, that’s all top secret for just a smidge longer 😊