Meet our Members – Techforce

In a snapshot, can you tell us about TechForce?

TechForce Services Simplifies Cloud Technology and Staffing Solutions for Your Business! At TechForce Services, we are all about serving our customers. We drive innovative and transformative solutions for our customers’ business – by listening to their business needs, and aligning with their short, medium, and long-term goals. Our ultimate aim? To collaborate with our customers and derive simplification from complexity — to make their business a smoother experience.

We are an Australian Cloud technology company supporting CRM solutions including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Pega. Our teams specialise in a diverse range of industry verticals, including higher education, state government, finance, insurance, recruitment, manufacturing, as well as not-for-profit.

The TechForce Services Portfolio is split into what we call, The Three P’s:

  1. Projects, including customisation and support services (BaU).
  2. Products, including resale and support for partner products, and
  3. People, offering staff augmentation services across the IT landscape.

What have been the biggest challenges for TechForce and how did you overcome these?

First of our biggest challenges has been the “fear within” and that comes naturally with larger goals and dreams. To overcome this, it was more about looking within and constantly encouraging and celebrating small achievements!

Second biggest challenge had been hiring suitable candidates, who not only fit the embedded agility in a growing organisation but brought in their energy and passion. In this context, TechForce Services considers itself to be lucky because our people became our strength with the significant learning opportunities that TechForce offers.

In-fact, diversity still remains to be one of our challenge which we are addressing on a systematic level. We believe, being truly inclusive will not only output social good, but widen the tent to bring in more talent and ideas.

How have you grown as a business?

Five years – what a journey it has been for us at TechForce Services! We began way back in 2015 with one person at the WOTSO North Strathfield office. Today, we’re a diverse team of nearly 30 spread across Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

A major part of our growth has been through bringing in the right people, for the right jobs, at the right times. Having a strong team behind our core objectives has helped us in reaching and surpassing our growth targets, year on year!

How has working at WOTSO helped you through this process?

WOTSO has been a fantastic partner for us throughout this journey over the past 5 years – supporting our growth across Australia. The flexibility of increasing and decreasing the number of desks on-demand in our current Sydney office is extremely useful! And getting a new office in other locations to support our geographic expansion was so simple and straightforward!

Please describe your journey at WOTSO.

Everyone in TechForce Services loves the vibrant, bright and lively workspace and the helpful WOTSO team on-site in both Sydney and Canberra. We’ve always felt part of the WOTSO tribe – whether it was a one-person desk back in 2015, or a team of 30 people today!