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WOTSO Newsletters

  • WOTSO WHIP | DECEMBER 2021 Edition

    It’s been a big year of ups and downs – we’ve all struggled and made it through yet another year of a global pandemic.

    Now, December is in full swing. It’s a time of year to celebrate and wrap up affairs before ringing in the New Year. Let’s take a look at WOTSO in the year of 2021.

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  • WOTSO WHIP | NOVEMBER 2021 Edition

    WOTSO Newcastle is all but officially open! More information regarding our opening event with esteemed guest Local Newcastle MP. Further information regarding WOTSO’s Green Thursday Sale, which launched last week.

    Plus, our monthly feature interview with Tim Engelbrecht, Managing Director of Hello Sweetheart – the photography and videography studio that “likes to party”.

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  • WOTSO WHIP | OCTOBER 2021 Edition

    It’s good to be able to welcome our members back, and for that purpose, we have created Return to Work packs to answer any questions and make the process as seamless as possible.

    This month we wanted to hear from our members, plus we interviewed Brendan Baker of Valuable Change Co, who recently published the best selling book, Valuable Change.

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  • WOTSO WHIP | SEPTEMBER 2021 Edition

    This month marks the end of The Better Challenge! We have seen incredible results of our 18 WOTSO locations combined, moving over 10,000km and raising close to $60k!

    This month’s member profile is with Eggpicnic, Canberra-based design studio devoted to wildlife conservation. Learn more about their most recent work – SkyCockatoo.

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  • WOTSO WHIP | AUGUST 2021 Edition

    In this newsletter, we’re looking forward to what the month of September will bring for WOTSO members; a final push to sign up to The Better Challenge and the announcement of two brand-new podcasting studios to be installed into the WOTSO network.

    Our monthly newsletter makes sure you stay updated with everything WOTSO.

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  • WOTSO WHIP | JULY 2021 Edition

    In this month’s WHIP, you will see the winning artwork of WOTSO’s virtual Paint & Sip.

    An interview with one of our WOTSO members: Dale Pope, founder of REDed, included. Plus a few more exciting community updates.

    The WOTSO WHIP ensures you stay updated with everything WOTSO!

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  • WOTSO WHIP | JUNE 2021 Edition

    June saw WOTSO release a response to the newest COVID-19 restrictions. Offering members from NSW and QLD the option to suspend their membership.

    In total, WOTSO raised $5 000 for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.

    This month’s member interview was with Sydney based the Purpose Project.

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  • WOTSO WHIP | MAY 2021 Edition

    WOTSO and Hub Australia have created an alliance that offers Australian businesses more locations, more variety and more choice than ever.

    WOTSO Sunshine Coast has partnered with one of Australia’s first podcast studio networks.

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  • WOTSO WHIP | APRIL 2021 Edition

    Last month we announced breaking into the Newcastle market. This month we’re announcing a soon to be WOTSO Brookvale!

    April saw us partner with two hotel groups – TFE Hotel Group and Alex Perry Hotels & Apartments, providing as many member benefits as possible.

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