Benjamin Law wrote a very interesting article for the Sydney Morning herald the other day, extolling the virtues (and the downsides) of that most admired position in life, a work from home freelancer. In fact it seems you can’t open a newspaper (or read a digital one online) these days without someone mentioning flexi time or the ‘work anywhere’ mantra. Whilst Benjamin sometimes confuses the benefits and pitfalls of working from home with working for yourself (the two aren’t always mutually inclusive), we – shock horror – agree with much of what he has to say.

As a workspace provider, we know many of our users are tossing up the choice between coworking and working from home. Comparing working in your pj’s all day to actually having someone other than the dog to talk to. But here’s the great thing about WOTSO – you dont have to choose, you can do both. You can use the space as much or as little as you like, and keep the home office too! Have your cake and eat it! Plus we also actually have cake sometimes for our members…mmmm….cake….

Ok back to the point, coworking has grown so quickly globally precisely because it gives people choice. The choice to escape the corporate office and work as a satellite team, the choice to break up home life and work life, or sometimes just the choice to have a professional frontage for your business when you need it. But in case you’re still not convinced, here’s our (and our members) top 15 reasons why coworking is epic:

1. You have more than the cat for company! From breaking deals at the coffee machine to chilling out over a beer, you’ll meet new people and not go hungry for office banter in a coworking space.

2. Copy Octopus share their favourite things about coworking:

3. The wifi is good…like really good. Upload files at a moment’s notice, stay on track with email and pretty much never see that pesky spinning wheel of death again.

4. The NERVE boys get personal about why they love WOTSO

5. Free beer! Ok, it’s included in your monthly rent, but it’s still always nice to know that the kitchen is stocked with drinks (alcoholic and virgin), bread, lollies, coffee etc and you don’t have to worry about it.

6. PERX share their favourite things about coworking – escaping the corporate grind!

7. Events a plenty. From pitch breakfasts and networking drinks to morning yoga and knitting clubs – we’ve done it all! A chance to wind down and get to know your cohorts in the space.

8. Change your location, change your view. If you flexidesk you can choose a different desk each time, plus the spaces all have comfy seating for when lounging is required.

9. Be a digital nomad. With WOTSO, not only can you work from 10 other locations with our passport program, but we’ve also partnered with other spaces and space curators meaning you can work from New York, Cape Town, Santiago, Toronto and a whole host of other cities.

10. NATLAW gives us her run down on coworking

11. Knowledge is best served directly to your desk! We work with partners to bring you events, workshops and seminars to help your business with everything from legal advice to SEO tips on offer and usually for FREE.

12. The best ideas come at 1 in the morning, and when inspiration strikes, you can rest easy knowing that you can pop into the office at any time with your secure access pass. We take flexi time to the next level with 24/7 access.

13. Presentation is everything. So when you’re pitching to VCs or just meeting clients on home turf, having a contemporary, professional space to host them in makes all the difference. No kids running round or frantically tidying the hallway to think about!

14. Take time to relax. It’s important to break up your work and ‘break out’ (See what we did there?!) into our social areas, with facilities like ping pong, TV and Magazines, chess, board games and pinball to keep you occupied.

15. No strings attached – you can stay as long or a short as you like. With flexible month-to-month memberships, we don’t tie you into contracts. We know you’ll love the space and want to stay anyway!