Make working as you travel easy with our WOTSO Coworking Passport…

Here at WOTSO, we’re all about flexible work. Whether that’s flexidesking on the fly with just your laptop, or taking on an office – the choice is yours. With our coworking passport, you can truly work whenever, and wherever, you want in the WOTSO network. So whether you’re on holiday on the Gold coast, and want to pop in and check emails, or you’re in Sydney for meetings and need a place to work, we’ve got you covered.


How does the coworking passport work?

To take advantage of the coworking passport, you must be a monthly WOTSO coworking member or serviced office tenant. It’s just one of the many benefits you get by being in the WOTSO club! Check out what other awesome stuff is included in your standard memberships here. Once you’re signed up to our community, you can start using your coworking passport immediately. This gives you access to all spaces in our network – no exceptions. There’s a growing list of those too, hence why we appear not once, but multiple times in this list of Australian coworking spaces. And that’s not including our existing and upcoming international spaces!

The passport lets you flexidesk for free for the day from spaces other than your ‘home’ space. Just let us know which workspace you’re planning on heading to. Our awesome space leaders will do the rest and hook you up with a desk for the day.

If you use the passport to spend time at another WOTSO space more than your home space, no worries, we’ll just sort out your membership billing to reflect this. And if you fall in love with another space (truly, madly, deeply), we can easily switch your base membership over!

We can even sort out for you flexidesk over weekends at another WOTSO WorkSpace, just give us enough notice. Usually 24 hours is plenty, so we can arrange access for you.


Why is flexible work important?

The way we work is changing. The coworking passport reflects this, because we know even having collaborative workspace in one place isn’t enough anymore. To be truly ‘working flexible’ you need to be able to work on the move.

Advances in technology mean realistically we can work anywhere. And coworking spaces are a great alternative to working in a coffee shop all day, filching off the wi-fi (plus our coffee comes for free and our wi-fi is faster!). They also beat working from home because no distractions from the kids, the laundry. Plus you benefit from all the awesome business connections you can make!

But what happens when we need to travel away from your usual coworking space? For example if you work in Penrith usually, but need flexible workspace near Sydney CBD because you’re in the city for meetings? Or what about if you’re travelling for an event from the Gold Coast to Brisbane and need a desk for the day? That’s when the coworking passport comes in handy. You can drop into our Pyrmont coworking space knowing you’ll get the same high service levels and access to facilities that you get in your home space.

And we know that you might be somewhere we dont have a space yet. Whilst we’re working on coworking world coverage, you can also drop into one of our partner spaces. Just jump onto sparklabs and ask your space leader how to get yourself set up.


Coworking passport for corporates

The coworking passport isn’t just useful for freelancers and creatives either. If you’re an established team or corporate using our workspaces, you benefit from using the spaces when you travel for pitches, meetings or as a satellite office when you need some overflow space. if you have a corporate package with us, just let us know who’s travelling and where they’re going and we’ll sort them out with a desk.

Plus our meeting rooms are ideal for impressive clients or your team, so bring them in and show off your workspace!


Interested in joining WOTSO?

If the above sounds like your flexible work dream, let us make it a reality. Simply ask us about coworking options or serviced office availability at your nearest WOTSO. Check out our locations here, but even if you don’t see your ideal space get in touch, because you never know where we’re looking at next! (We weren’t kidding about that world domination thing).

You can also try coworking for the day for free anyway, by dropping into one of our spaces on a free trial. And our team will be more than happy to take you through the space and discuss different options.