We sat down and interviewed Spinify CEO and WOTSO member Matt Bullock

We sat down and interviewed Spinify CEO and WOTSO member Matt Bullock. Matt discusses why he started the business and what the biggest challenges have been since its launch.


1.In a snapshot, can you tell us about Spinify?

Gamification is tough. Motivating staff is even tougher.

Spinify has solved the gamification puzzle with the fastest and easiest setup in the industry. Using data learned from over 280,000 leader boards we have built world-class playbooks with amazing sample data. Setup time transforms from weeks to minutes.


2.Spinify is an interesting concept, how did you come up with the idea and go aboutstarting the business?

In my previous business eWAY, (the payment gateway solution) I had 72 TVS. So, I was always really interested in motivating staff with TVs and I found that the solutions out there never used gamification technology to its true potential. Therefore, I saw a gap in the market and went for it. We are now in 23 countries and continue to grow rapidly, with 10,000 players on the Spinify platform..


3.What have been the biggest challenges for Spinify and how did you overcome these?

Building a brand from scratch is tough. Educating the market on the importance of sales gamification takes timeā€¦a long time.


4.Have you noticed that there are more companies looking for services like yours since thepandemic hit as a way of keeping staff motivated whilst working remotely?

Initially it was almost a full stop. The world seemed to stop.


Now people have more understanding and we continue to have record months of revenue. We helped this situation by launching a chrome extension and did a slight pivot to our desktop work from home solution.

We are now very positiveĀ about the future as we see demand to continue to grow. The way I look at this pandemic is you can hide and hope it passes and you survive, or you can fight, pivot and push harder than ever before.

Guess what option we decided upon at Spinify?


5.What were the circumstances that led you to joining WOTSO and so far, and have you found many benefits in having your business located in a co-working environment?

We had a very, very large office and did not need the space. Now we have great views and an awesome office.

I am locked in at WOTSO and believe it is the perfect place for us to grow and grow. The staff are perfect, and everything is truly awesome.


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