At WOTSO we stick firmly by the motto work where you want, when you want. And this isn’t just because we are big believers in getting that surf in at 4PM on an average Tuesday (although that plays a part). In 2019, there is a misguided belief that you need to be located in the CBD of any given city to stay connected. In our opinion – it’s an outdated mindset. Agility and productivity go hand in hand. That’s the mindset we want to instill in every new member that walks through the door of a WOTSO across Australia and South East Asia.

No longer do employees, employers or even whole businesses need to be centralised in one stuffy location to maximise productivity. In fact, studies have shown that businesses that promote flexibility and work/life balance see an increase in productivity by 77%* and employees are 10x** happier if they make it to pilates on time.

WOTSO is like your gym, your childcare centre, your local grocery store – we are that home away from home that means you can work like a boss, without compromising on the other parts of your life that need time and attention.

How to make coworking… work, for you?

A few quick tips from the team at WOTSO:

1. Find a desk that you love in your coworking environment. Sure, if you are opting for a flexidesk option, you may not always get the exact spot (feels like Maths class all over again, doesn’t it?) – but having somewhere you like to sit each day creates good habits. If you are a creature of habit, talk to our WOTSO team about a permanent desk.

2. Embrace the network. Coworking opens up serious doors for your business. Make the time to talk to people in the kitchen, have coffee with a fellow coworking peer, stop for a chat in the hallway. Be brave – you never know how you can leverage off one another to grow your respective businesses. Want to know who is sitting around you? Speak to our friendly team about upcoming networking events, or perhaps they can assist with an e-introduction!

3. Hit up a Lunch & Learn (or better yet, present at a Lunch & Learn). These weekly WOTSO initiatives not only bring the coworking community together, they give you the stage to push your agenda, but in the right setting! School your coworking comrades with your business savvy & know-how. Ready to put your hand up for the next Lunch & Learn, or Pitch Night? Send an enquiry now.

4. Become the Marie Kondo of coworking and move your life into the digital space. This is your chance to declutter, particularly if you are going for a flexidesk situation. Start to rely on your Google Drive for EVERYTHING and less so on your flimsy diary. Trust us – you will thank us later (and so will Mother Nature) when you’re not drowing in post-it notes and paper to-do lists!

**Ok so, we may have made that last statistic up, but we know from personal experience that our happiness peaked at an all time high when we could make our pilates class without busting a sweat (albeit the sweat kicked in when we hit the reformer).