WOTSO Pyrmont Member Profile: Adam Lindsay, Co-Founder of Koh

WOTSO Pyrmont Member Profile: Adam Lindsay, Co-Founder of Koh

If there is something in life that could certainly be made easier, it’s cleaning… and cleaning products. Take one step into the cleaning aisle of any major grocery store and prepare to be overwhelmed (at best) and completely brainwashed (at worst) by a myriad of products claiming to do this, that and the other.

Enter Koh. Koh cleaning products are the brainchild of two Bondi Beach dads. They are also members at WOTSO Pyrmont. Koh is the eco-friendly cleaning wunderkind – product and tools – that you need in your abode. In essence, Koh is a big believer that you should be able to clean anywhere and everywhere with their Universal Cleaner and tools.

As Koh like to put it: Koh® is a next-generation universal eco cleaning solution employing the science of gree

1. In a snapshot, can you tell us about Koh?

Koh is a home cleaning system that’s highly effective whilst being eco and allergy friendly.

2. What has been a key driver to the success of Koh since starting?

We solve a problem for most people which is eliminating the complexity of home cleaning (check most home cleaning cupboards and they’re usually awash – excuse the pun – with ten or more cleaning products), which make it safe and effective. We’re also no more expensive than conventional cleaning products.

3. What has been the biggest learning since starting the business? And what advice would you give to a start-up, or a small business looking to grow?

Solve a real common problem for your customers and you have a chance at building a successful business. Make it easy and enjoyable for your customers to engage with you and be honest and authentic with them.

4. How have you seen your business be successfully fostered by being located in WOTSO’s coworking environment?

For us as a fast (but also irregular!) growth business with unpredictable requirements around staffing and general resources, WOTSO proved invaluable in providing us with a competitively priced, flexible office space. To the extent that when the next door office became available they removed the partition to create a larger single space which is what we were after at the time.

We also enjoy interacting with the broad mix of other businesses who call Wotso home and make it an interesting and diverse place of work. And play. 😉

5. What does 2019 look like for Koh? Any exciting plans in the pipeline that you can share with us?

We’re focusing this year on consolidating our Australia business, building our relatively new UK business and working hard on developing our (customer) community to better connect with them and enrich their brand experience.