COVID-19 Member Information

  • Update 5 - January 22 2021
    • WOTSO – Covid Safe Pack

    • Adopting the Regulations

      In all of our spaces we are implementing safe work practices in relation to Covid-19. We are following Australian Government regulations and staying up to date with any guidance released.

      We have a response plan in place if any staff or members test positive to Covid-19 and have trialed the response plan.

      The most recent Safe Work Australia guidance can be found here.

    • Increased Cleaning

      We have increased the cleaning at all of our locations with a particular focus on high traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces.

      We have distributed hand sanitiser, disinfectant products and resources on safe cleaning practices throughout our spaces and are frequently disinfecting common areas.

    • Space Reconfiguration

    • At WOTSO, we have taken social distancing regulations and guidelines into account and reconfigured our spaces to ensure that all members can work safely and comfortably. Our coworking desks have been marked out to indicate which desks are available for use, and which ones should be left unoccupied in order to adhere to social distancing regulations. We have also included markings on the floor to indicate a safe 1.5 metre distance between chairs. Our Flexidesks have a new system in place. Once a Flexidesk has been used the member will flick the red/green tag on the desk to red indicating a clean is required before use by another member. Once the desk has been cleaned the tag will be returned to green and ready for use.
    • Contact Tracing

    • To ensure the safety of our staff, members and guests, we have implemented a sign in process for all visitors and guests entering our spaces. All contractors, visitors, prospective members touring the space and meeting room guests are required to sign in at reception using our iPads or the provided QR codes. Their contact details are kept securely and only used in the event of a confirmed case to allow us to effectively contact trace as a part of our COVID response plan.
    • WOTSO Short Term Changes

    • We have implemented social distancing throughout our spaces to adhere to government guidelines. We have suspended all member and community gatherings in the sites where the state government has advised this. We have limited our kitchen consumables to individually wrapped options where possible and distributed disinfectant products and information on hygiene practices throughout our spaces.
    • What we need from you, our WOTSO Community

    1. If you or your staff are presenting with a fever, cough, sore throat or flu like symptoms please do not come into work or enter our building. We encourage anybody with these symptoms to get tested and call the National Coronavirus hotline(1800 020 080).
    2. Adhere to social distancing guidelines. Reminders are on display around our spaces.
    3. Work safely and observe any new requirements for physical distancing (even if it means performing tasks in a different way to what you are used to).
    4. Wash your hands regularly. We have plenty of soap and hand sanitiser in all of our spaces.
    5. Use personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves if you feel this is necessary.
    6. Report any unsafe or unhealthy situations (e.g. alack of soap in the bathroom) to reception or your Space Leader.

    State by state guidance that apply to our WOTSO sites can be found at the below links.


    At WOTSO we want to help protect and keep Australia safe from Covid-19. You can join us and download the app here.


    Thank you for helping WOTSO become a safer place for everybody.


  • Update 4 - May 22 2020
    • Wotso – Return to Work Pack

      As restrictions start to be eased and we begin to return to some form of normality we have put together the attached WOTSO Return to Work Pack to assist with your decision-making process.

      The pack lets our WOTSO community know what we are doing to help make your return to work safe and as hassle free as we can.

    • Rent

      Membership fees are payable monthly in advance and will be deducted from your credit card or via direct debit from your nominated bank account. A penalty fee of $10 will apply to rejected payments and interest may be charged at 5% above BBSY.

      You will receive at least 14 days’ notice of changes in membership fees.

      With the easing of Government restrictions it is time to bring our Covid-19 suspension and cancelation policy to an end. This will now conclude 30 June 2020 with our normal membership rules applying from 1 July 2020.

      Of course, we would like you all to re-join us. This is an early notice as we want to give you plenty of time to consider how you will work going forward but if you do want to cancel your membership you will need to give us notice by 15 June. If we do not receive notice by that date, we will assume that we will be welcoming you back and you will be automatically charged on 1 July.

      We hope that, like us, you are over working from home and look forward to getting you back to our spaces.

      As always, we are here to help, so if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to give your space leader a call or drop them an email.

      Thanks The WOTSO Team

  • Update 3 - March 23 2020
    • Suspension Policy Extension March 23 2020

      With the additional restrictions imposed by government overnight WOTSO will be further adjusting the management of its sites to accommodate the current situation.

      As you know WOTSO hosts many businesses and some may provide essential services so we will keep our facilities open while we are permitted to do so. During this time our WOTSO team will be on rotation which means small numbers of the WOTSO team will be onsite at any one time and the balance will be working from home.

      Our remote team is contactable should you have any questions or requests and we will do our best to accommodate them. We will continue to maintain our cleaning regime and of course, our position will change if the government calls for the closure of office buildings.

    • Membership Suspension

      You would have seen that last week we advised that members could put their membership on hold for up to 14 days and would receive a credit for any membership fees they had already paid whilst they chose to not use the space. We are now extending this suspension period, whilst the current situation exists, meaning you can suspend your membership rather than cancel it and you will not be charged until you choose to use the space again.

      As you can appreciate the situation is changing rapidly so we will give you 7 day’s notice if there is a change in this policy.

    • Meeting Rooms

      Given the introduction of the 4 sqm per person regulation for indoor gatherings, our meeting rooms will now have reduced capacities.

      Should you wish to book a meeting room please let your space leader know how many people will be attending and they will advise what meeting rooms are now suitable.

      Our meeting rooms rates will now be reduced to the cheapest hourly rate at each site regardless of size. We will again give you as much notice to any changes in this policy.

      We thank you for your understanding in these unprecedented times.

      Take care and stay safe! The team at WOTSO.

  • Update 2 - March 16 2020
    • Suspension Policy March 16 2020

    • Booking

      As we previously advised WOTSO has adopted the Australian Guidelines in tackling the COVID-19 virus.

      Following the Australian Government’s announcement yesterday our policies have been updated meaning that anyone returning from overseas since Sunday 15 March will no longer be permitted to enter any WOTSO site for a period of 14 days from their arrival in Australia. You will see notices to this effect at our receptions.

      As the nation and the world continues to deal with COVID-19 we encourage all members to follow the medical guidelines with frequent washing of hands and minimising direct person to person contact.

      If you feel unwell, regardless of the cause, we urge you to stay home. For our part we will be increasing the frequency and intensity of our cleaning.

    • Membership Fee Credit

      We understand that there will be a level of concern over coming weeks/months and if you would prefer to work from home, even if you are not feeling unwell, please advise our Space Leaders.

      We will be temporarily adjusting our policies to allow for maximum flexibility to help you make the right decisions regarding your work life;

      • All memberships with WOTSO can be put on hold for up to a maximum of 14 days. During this time all your membership arrangements will be maintained with your desk or office waiting for your return. If you do take this decision we will apply a credit to your next invoice of up to 14 days of your membership fee.
      • Any meeting rooms pre booked and paid for will be refunded fully if you would like to cancel.

      If you do wish to work from home indefinitely your membership can be cancelled, and we will waive any 30 day notice period. If a membership is cancelled your membership cannot be maintained but when you are ready to come back to WOTSO we will do our best to accommodate you.

      We want to reiterate that your safety and wellbeing remain our highest priority and we will continue to keep you updated through this dynamic situation.

      We thank you for your support and your loyalty From the WOTSO Team

  • Update 1 - March 11 2020
    • WOTSO’s Policy – Covid-19

    • Booking

      At WOTSO we’ve been thinking a lot about how we can provide some peace of mind when it comes to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

      This is a challenging time, but it’s also one in which we are all playing a vital role.

      We at WOTSO are adopting the Australian Government guidance in relation to the Coronavirus.

      Below you’ll find important information we’ve collected that will help you safely navigate through this time –

      • If you have travelled from mainland China or Iran, been in close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus or you develop symptoms we’d appreciate you not visiting any WOTSO locations or attending meetings in person.
      • The rise of sharing communities has also meant a rise in shared kitchen utensils. Items are cleaned by onsite dishwashers, although if in doubt please simply wash items again by hand or consider a BYO option. Please also be mindful when taking cutlery and dishes from drawers to have minimal contact with anything you won’t be using.
      • We are taking preventative measures to try and ensure our common spaces, meeting rooms, door handles, light switches and bathrooms are being cleaned at regular intervals. There will also be additional hand sanitisers available throughout reception and kitchen areas.
      • Unwrapped consumables within our kitchens will be temporarily replaced with wrapped goods. This will be carried out as a precaution to ensure we are taking measures to keep our community safe.
      • Additionally, here is a list of all NSW dedicated coronavirus testing collection centre locations. Please contact collection centre before attending.
      • You can also find the latest information from the World Health Organization by clicking here.

      We will continue to keep you updated with changes to our procedures and operations based on their location.

      Please take care, From the WOTSO Team