Vaccine for Caffeine Programme

We’re GIVING AWAY $27,000 in prizes to our members!


Do you love to support local businesses?



Do you want to win $1,500 to spend at your favourite local business?



Are you a WOTSO member?



Have you had at least one of your COVID-19 vaccination shots?



If you’ve answered YES to all of the above you are eligible to win WOTSO’s $1,500 cash stimulus.

Enter to Win!

For information on COVID-19 vaccines and to check your eligibility to receive a vaccine, visit: or speak with your GP.

What WOTSO is doing

  • Supporting the government’s push for Australians to get vaccinated in order to return to business as usual as soon as possible
  • Supporting local and regional businesses by injecting $27,000 back into the local economy
  • Offering 18 members the chance to win a $1,500 voucher to spend at a local business of choice

Why is WOTSO doing it

  • WOTSO wants to help small businesses by encouraging people to shop local
  • WOTSO is supporting businesses in the community who have been impacted by COVID-19
  • To encourage the vaccine roll out to minimise the impact on our and other businesses from lockdowns
Please note:

WOTSO supports each and every member in their personal choices and views related to the vaccine and having the vaccine is not a prerequisite for members use of WOTSO spaces.